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Fire or Explosion Overturning or Derailment of land conveyance

Why Insurance Is Important?​

Cargo Insurance

  • Cargo insurance provides coverage for unforeseen loss or damages caused to material/commodity that is transported between origin point and destination.

Types of Cargo

  • Import covers transportation of material from anywhere in the world to anywhere in India.
  • Export covers transportation of material from anywhere in India to anywhere in the world.
  • Inland covers transportation of material from anywhere in India to anywhere in India.

Types of Policies

  • Open policy covers multiple transits for the whole year and comes with a fixed sum insured, per sending limit and per location limit.
  • Specific Policy covers a specific single transit.

Types of Coverage

  • ITC - A & ICC - A: Covers all damages including theft & pilferage except rainwater damage.
  • ITC - B & ICC - B: Covers for accidental damages only except theft & pilferage and rainwater damage.

ITC stands for Inland Transit Clauses.

ICC stands for International Cargo Clauses.

Benefits of Cargo Insurance

  • Cargo Insurance covers loss or damages caused due to fire, explosion, sinking or stranding.
  • Any kind of loss or damage caused due to natural calamities such as earthquakes and lightning.
  • The cargo Insurance policy covers collision, derailment or overturning of land conveyance.
  • The policy provides coverage in case cargo is discharged from a port of disturbance or distress that threaten the cargo’s safety.
  • If the seawater damages or washes away the loaded material on the cargo or ship, transit insurance provides cover for that as well.
  • The policy provides coverage for a total loss of packages lost overboard or dropped at the time of loading or unloading.
  • Cargo insurance provides coverage for the jettison that refers to intentional throwing of onboard material/commodity as well as any part of the ship in order to save the ship.

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