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1. Tailored to Your Preferences: Tell us your desired countries, and we'll connect you with industrial projects in those regions, aligning perfectly with your business goals.

2. International Reach: Our projects span the globe, offering you access to diverse markets, cultures, and collaborations.

3. Cutting-Edge Innovation: Denvy Automation is synonymous with innovation. Our projects incorporate the latest trends and technologies, ensuring you stay ahead in your field.

4. Expert Guidance: Our team of industry experts provides comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle, guaranteeing your success.

5. Sustainability Focus: We prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, in line with the global shift towards environmental consciousness.

Join us in shaping the future of industry and harnessing the power of global markets. Contact us today to learn more about projects in your desired countries and how to get started.

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Design and Fabrication of Bucket Conveyor

DIY Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Chain Link Wire Mesh Making Machine

Motorized Spring Assist Mashing Machine

Reciprocating Motion using Inclined Disc Mechanism

Inclined Cam Mechanism

Automatic Flipping Plate Mechanism

Convex Surface Milling Machine

Pedal Press Pneumatic Lifting Jack

Reciprocating Auto Pneumatic Hacksaw

Contactless Air Conveyor For Goods Movement

Auto Dough Maker Dough Kneading Machine

360 Degree Fire Protection System

Airport Baggage Diverter System using QR

Flamethrower & Extinguisher RC Robot

RC Solar Lake Pool Cleaner Drone

Three Axis CNC Machine 1 Meter x 2 Meter

Automatic Coil Winding Machine

Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

DIY Food Shredder Compost Machine

Egg Breaker & Yolk Separator Machine

Motorized Paper Shredder Machine

Thermal Vision RC Robotic Tank

Programmable Robotic Arm Using Arduino

Dual Side Potato Fries Maker Machine

Motorized 4 Way Hacksaw

Mattress Deep Cleaning Machine

Automatic Potato Peeling Machine

Mini Solar Water Heater

Solar SeaWater Desalination Machine

Portable Air Compressor with Auto Cutoff

Floating Sun Tracker Hydraulic Solar Panel

Pneumatic Metal Sheet Bending Machine

Single Motor Double Door Opener Mechanism

Automatic Wire Cutter And Stripper Machine

Automatic Sugarcane Bud Cutter Machine

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bending Machine

PLC based Automatic Sorting System using Image processing

B2C Global Spare Parts Seller

PLC based Automatic Dam Shutter Control System

PLC Based Smart Elevator Control System Project

PLC Based Intelligent Traffic Control System using Sensors

PLC Based Automatic Drainage Water Monitoring & Control System

PLC based Multi-channel Fire Detection & Alarm System Project

Single Motor Double Door Opener Mechanism

Automatic Water Level Control System Using PLC Project

Temperature Controller System Based on PLC Project

Automatic Pick and Place Conveyor Transfer Using PLC

PLC Operated Color Based Product Sorting Machine

PLC Based Sorting System Using Metal Detection

PLC Based Paper Cutting Machine

Automatic Stamping Labeling Machine Using PLC

PLC Based Product Sorting Machine

Automatic Bottle Filling & Capping Machine Using PLC

Water Recycling Car Wash System Using PLC

Solar Outdoor Air Purifier & Air Quality Monitor

Mini Mechanical Wire & Rod Cutter Machine

Arm Mounted Hammer Drill Machine

360° Welding Cutting Rotary Turn Table Positioner


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